How It Works

Temco base Unit which will be fixed to the solar/Wind system , it is designed to take data using RS485 MODBUS protocol. Once all the data is read from the Energy meter/Inventer it uses moblie GPRS connection to send data to our server (A SIM card any Network needs to be inserted into our unit).

  1. Enter the meter register mapping an device address details into our server.
  2. Set the data acqisition rate.(1 Min-Any Hours)
  3. The unit will automatically download all configration from the server.
  4. Unit will acqurie the data from the inverter/Energy meter and send it to the server, which will be available in the UI.
  5. Optionally you can connect thermistors 7 other Sensor for measuring different parameters.

As we use system energy meter's to get acquire all parameters,Our system can handle installation of any rating, any voltage and any type. It can also be fixed to the existing system also by incorporating a RS485Energy meter or directly to your system if your inverter supports RS485 Protocol.


Wrieless & Reliable Connectivity

Temco uses GPRS data through the SIM card inserted in the unit, Giving you more reliable Connectivity cutting away the trobules of LAN connectivity and Non Connectivity.

Industrial Design

Temco unit is designed & built for rugged indoor conditions and toconnect almost any type of sencer for vast rang of applications.

Easy to Install

Temco asembly is very simply and can be connected with very least of effort and short time period. As major of the configrations are automatically done through our server.

Informative Dashboard

Temco dashboard Gives the viewer complete required detaies in a single window, and also has the options of viewing the detailed and historical data.

Daily Reports & Alerts

Temco sends emails to the customer giving the information about yesterday system performance details and also sends timely alerts through mails and SMS on occurence of faults.


  1. Higher System uptime & efficiency
  2. Lesser Site Visits
  3. Quick fault Identification
  4. Better Customer Satisfaction
  5. Competitive edge in Markets
  6. Mitigate performance Guarantee Risks
  7. All sites at single glance in DASHBOARD
  8. Local weather forecast report